• Travel

    30 Days Abroad

    I was only two months into my new retail job in Athens when I started talking about going abroad with Christina. Who is Christina? Well, at this point in time I knew very little about her. She was born in London,  her dad is German but she mostly grew up in Athens. We had similar taste in music and both loved to travel. That was really the extent of what I knew about her. It was a slow day at work when we began talking about how much we wanted to go back to Europe and bepop around for a bit. Little did we know that exactly one year later,…

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  • Love

    How To Learn To Love Football

    Because your boyfriend won’t shut up about itMost of us gals are not raised with a love of football, or often any sport for that matter. When I started dating Zach, I was against believing that I could ever find an ounce of interest in sports. I felt this was especially about college football and the NFL. I could not get my head around these dudes getting way too much fame for being able to throw a ball and catch it. Often I became angry about what players could get away with and what they gained for free just because they could play some sport. Our first fall together was…

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