Branching Out In Fashion With Misty Boutique

Becoming More Adventurous With Fashion

I am the shopper that brings all colors into my dressing room and always manages to walk out with black and grey pieces. For a while now, it has been a goal to branch out my wardrobe bit by bit, but it has been harder than I expected. I have the occasional pink top and textured sweater but it seldom has made its way out of my closet.

This year I  made a vow to myself to branch out with my wardrobe. Clothes are such an amazing way to express yourself and show the world a quick snippet of your personality. I’m excited that I got to work with an online boutique to take the first step outside my comfort zone when it comes to clothes! Misty Boutique sent me a beautiful sheer, blue, leopard print kimono. I absolutely love this top! It’s super lightweight, a stunning shade of navy and has bell sleeves! I’ve been a total fan of bell sleeves since they have come into style a few months ago. It gives your top a little extra oomph.

Now you may be wondering, what does a little change in your wardrobe even do for you?

Well, it made a huge difference for me. I started to get bored of my same grey shirt and black jeans every. Single. Day. When you consistently look in the mirror and see the same bland outfit every day, it starts to get boring. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with a consistent style. Fashion is totally a personal experience and decision. I made the decision that I was over what I felt I was saying about myself with my clothes.

Whenever I get dressed now for my day I throw in a pop of color or texture. Whether it’s a pink lipstick or my leopard kimono, it put a little piece of my bubbly personality in my outfit. What are some of your favorite pieces of your wardrobe that show your personality?

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