February Goals + Grunge Look

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Now that February is up and running I am have started working towards some new goals set up. I decided to give up all soda (sweet drinks too) and candy. Typically I don’t have a huge issue with my intake of these two foods, but during the school year, I can get pretty lazy. It’s easy to just grab from the vending machine for a little pick-me-up between class and work. It’s a bad habit that does not need to flourish but instead be put to rest.

I decided to challenge myself to fully take soda and candy out of my diet for the month of February. Since it’s such a short month, it’s a great start to some of those New Year’s resolutions we all set. I am also pushing myself to complete as many Orange Theory classes as I can this month. I’m excited to see what transformations will come in just 28 days!

If there is something you want to challenge yourself to do, this is the perfect month. You can accomplish anything in 28 days, and it will come with a new habit too. It takes 21 days to create or break a habit, and February is the best time to start. Be sure to not push yourself too hard, but do your best to stick to the goals you set. The best way to stay accountable? Do it with a buddy! Zach is my accountability buddy this month to help me stay on track with my goals.

Can’t wait to see all the changes that will come with this month.


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