Monday Muse – Amazon Must Haves

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Welcome to my second week of my Monday Muse series! This week I’m focusing on my favorite Amazon purchases I’ve made. These things are at the top of my “recommendation list” as of right now. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a quite the Amazon shopper and ever since I got my Echo Dot it has gotten even easier!

LED Tri-Fold Travel Mirror

If you’re a makeup junkie like I am, this trip-fold mirror will be your new life saver. It’s so easy to pack this little guy up and take it anywhere you need. I usually take mine to my boyfriend’s house and on vacation. Even though it’s smaller, it’s mighty bright. And it has a prop  up on the back to hold it’s self up so you can be hands free to do your makeup!

iMuto Portable Charger

If you are a person with a phone and on the go then you must get this portable charger. I have taken my iMuto all to Europe, campus, downtown, sports games, etc. You can even get the lightening cord that chargers your phone in just around 30 minutes! Not only does it charger super fast, but it also holds 4 chargers. So when you are out with your friends and they need to charger their phone too, you don’t have to worry about it running out! There are 2 USB plugs as well so you can charger two phones at one time. Not much better than that.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Last year I really needed a desk lamp but didn’t want to spend too much on it. I ended up finding this one which has been amazing. The main thing I love about it is how versatile it is. For starters, to has two hinges that allow you to move it all around. There are also a handful of light strength settings for dimmer and stronger lights as well as different shades of light. And a last little topper is that it has a USB plug too! That way you can charger your phone at your desk with easy access.

Starry Strings Lights

I had been on the hunt for a long while to get the best fairy lights to hang in my room. I’m so glad I stumbled upon these because they are extremely inexpensive and have lasted me over a year! I use them nearly every night and they really do create a decent amount of light. Go ahead and order yourself a set to brighten up any area of your house.

Aztec Secret Face Mask

I am a sucker for face masks and this one did not disappoint! My favorite thing about this particular face mask is that it can be mixed with so many different liquids depending on what you want to target on your face. I have added vinegar, water, honey, etc. to mine. It also doesn’t take much powder to make a face mask so it’ll last you for a long time as well.


Looking for more fun Amazon purchases? Read my post about 6 Fun Amazon Finds! For my other Amazon lovers out there, what are some of your favorite purchases?


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