How To Be The Girl On The Go

Over the past few months I’ve become drastically more busy. I have this new amazing blog to run, college classes, two jobs, Orange Theory workouts, friends, a boyfriend and family! Each of these things mean so much to me and even though my “to do” list has grown tremendously, there is not one thing I would cut from it.

I know there are so many others of you right here in my boat, so I figured that it’s time I shared some of my tips and tricks on how to be the girl on the go. It wasn’t an easy transition, nor have I fully figured out this new crazy lifestyle of mine, but there are some things to share that may help you manage the “girl on the go” lifestyle.

Stay on Top of Your Week

This is the first and most important thing when you have a busy schedule. Keeping track of what you have to do and when is vital to being successful. It’s easy to be forgetful when your plate is so full. This is also the most vital time to be on top of your schedule. I use my Apple calendar (which I hated at first but am growing to love) because it’s on my phone and my laptop. It’s easy for me to get notifications for reminders for everything and easier to track my schedule when I’m talking on the phone or on the go.

Stay Healthy

This guy is always the hardest. So often we don’t think about keeping ourselves healthy until we start to get sick. At that point, it’s usually too late to stop your sickness from getting you down. I knew that I couldn’t afford to be out for days from work or school so I started taking Emergen-C a couple different times a week. Since taking more Emergen-C, I have not gotten sick and have felt a lot stronger. Also, start keeping in mind what you are munching on. Choose to swap out your chips for a banana a couple times or an apple. These little things help keep your body on top of its health and will keep you from having to clear your busy schedule.

Treat Yourself

Even though your deep in work and being on the move, don’t forget to treat yourself. Sometimes for that means a cookie during lunch from Insomnia downtown or a new nail polish color. It’s important to make sure that you are still loving on yourself or else what is all this work for?

Get Prepared

I have learned quick that not being prepared can put you out of a lot of money in time and is overall very frustrating. Often times I would pick up a different bag and have different things but was never consistent with all the stuff I may need. I started using one large purse everyday that would always have deodorant, tooth picks, lotion, tampons, basic medicine, chapstick and nail clippers. It would stink when I grabbed a different purse and desperately needed chapstick but didn’t have any. Often it would cost me a couple bucks because I couldn’t go without it but it never should have. With a plethora of chapsticks at home, there is no reason I needed another. Ever since I stayed more consistent in my bag grabbing, I have have almost no issues with needing something that I wish I had.

Dress Accordingly

When it comes to getting ready for the day, don’t overthink your outfit, hair, makeup, etc. Dress accordingly! If you know you are just out running errands today, you don’t need to put the pressure on yourself to look all spiffy before you head to Target. Throw on some leggings and a t-shirt and call it a day. I often would put added pressure on myself to dress up for work or errands that didn’t need dressing up for. It caused me to be stressed and uncomfortable an hour or two later. I would totally regret what I was wearing and just wish I was in something more casual.

Listen to Your Body

This is last and most important: listen to what your body is telling you. Being the girl on the go is hard as hell sometimes. Some weeks you don’t get enough sleep or you end up eating fast food a little too often. When you start to feel to worn down, take a step out of this rush. It’s not worth any job or internship or prior commitment to put yourself under too much strain.

To all my other girl bosses out there, you can totally rock this girl on the go lifestyle. Just remember to stay healthy, on top of your schedule, and organized. But also listen to your body and slow down when you need. Lastly, don’t forget that your aren’t alone. You have a whole community of strong ladies and men here to support you. Share your tips below on how you manage being the girl on the go!

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  1. Pam

    January 6, 2018 at 11:03 am

    The calendar on your phone is a great idea. Glad you are getting used to it.

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