Why Your Mom Should be Your Best Friend

Moms used to have the reputation of being old, annoying, and party poopers, but moms have broken that stereotype. That includes my sweet momma. Now don’t get me wrong, my mom can still be annoying or a party pooper, but never old and nonetheless my best friend. The older we both get, the more I appreciate and cherish this bond. Now many of you may be saying “really? your mom is your best friend?” and to that I saw “hell yeah, have you met her?”. There are endless reasons why your mom should be your best friend, but of course this thing has a word limit so I’ll just point out my favorites.

  1. She always has your best interest at heart. When have you ever heard a story where a mom wanted the worst for her child? Never. Moms are the poster child for humans supporting other humans. They will carry their children to greatness if they need to. Hell, they literally carry us for 9 months!
  2. She’s strong as hell. I mean c’mon, she literally grew you! And let’s be honest, she probably raised you most of your life, spent her days at home with you while also doing all the house work. She may have even stayed strong during times of sadness and never let you see her upset.
  3. She’s independent. There must be a transition that comes when you raise a child that makes you crazy independent. Something I aspire to reflect in my mom. Not everyone has the inner strength to be independent, but mommas sure do.
  4. She will forever be your biggest fan. That’s not something you can say about just anyone. No matter how big or small the accomplishment, no matter how long it may take, your mom will be clapping and crying at the finish line with joy for you. How freaking awesome is that?
  5. She’s always on your side. There’s yet to be a time my mom doesn’t have my back, and that’s one of the best things about her. Other than she’s funny, sassy, and totally lovable at almost all times. The fact is, I can always call her and know she’ll have my back in an instant and she knows I’d do the same for her.
  6. The last thing I’ll say (although I could go on forever) is that mom’s are a never ending faucet of love. It’s a beautiful thing to have someone love you no matter what. It’s a lot to ask from your friends, but moms do it on their own.

Now you all can see just a few of the reasons I will always have my mom as my best friend. Her heart is full of love and kindness and every day I aspire to be more like her. So next time you are frustrated or annoyed with your mom, remind yourselves of all the reasons she’s so freaking awesome and remember to tell her that sometime.

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