A Day in St. Augustine, FL: What to Do

It can be very frustrating to have a day or less in a town that feels like it deserves more, but sometimes that’s all ya got. While you could spend a week laying on the beach and exploring town, it’s not impossible to squeeze some of the best parts of St. Augustine into a day. Here’s a rundown of  what I think are the best parts of St. Augustine.

Walk Down St. George Street

If you’re looking for the super cute tourist part of town, you can find it here. While walking down St. George Street you’ll learn a lot about St. Augustine. There are so many cute little stores to go in, old buildings and amazing places to eat and grab some sweets. Here you will find the best BBQ in town at Mojo BBQ. It’s right off St. George Street, so stop on in, I promise you won’t regret it.

Ghost Tour

St. Augustine is known for their ghost tours. They do different types of ghost tours throughout the day, but the best are at night. You are led through the town by a tour guide and around the graveyard. It’s totally worth it to go after dark and connect with the eeriness and history of the town. You may even go through the Castillo de San Marcos! But be sure to book your tickets in advance, this is a popular attraction.

Castillo de San Marcos

While you’re downtown, be sure to walk over to the water and walk around the old fort! You could spend a good while in here going through all the different rooms and really exploring this 21 acres fort. While this attraction isn’t totally free, it is for children (15 and under). For adults, it’s a simple $10 which is well worth it.

Visit Flagler College

You have to be sure to visit Flagler College, it’s absolutely beautiful. It is known to have the largest collection of Tiffany stain glass windows. You can do tours around the campus most days and its free!

St. Augustine Distillery

This is a super awesome distillery just a short bit from St. George Street. Here you can find fresh vodka, rum, gin and whiskey as well as a full restaurant right next to it called the Ice Plant Bar with amazing food. There are also free tours throughout the day where you can get the inside scoop on how the distillery works. And don’t worry parents, kiddos are totally welcome on the tour!

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Something that I have yet to do, but is on the top of the list! A bit further from town you’ll find the lighthouse. It’s near the edge of the water and has beautiful views from the top. Tickets range on price depending on the tour you want or special events they have, but is there really a better view of the ocean than from the top of a light house?

Lightner Museum

Last but not least is the beautiful Lightner Museum. The museum is open every day of the week of the year (only exception: Christmas) and tickets range up to $10. An easy price for a place you can spend all day looking at antiques and traveling showcases. Be sure to look ahead to see what will be coming in addition to the everyday housed items. Built in 1887, it’s still as beautiful as it was the day it opened.

St. Augustine has so much to offer, it’s crazy to imagine only 24 hours in this beautiful beach town but sometimes that’s all you have! While many would argue this list is impossible to finish in 24 hours, what’s the harm in trying? Have you ever been to St. Augustine? What’s you’re favorite part?

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