When Tragedy Hits Home

(Photo by John Burgess/The Press Democrat)

I lived in Rohnert Park, CA for about a year and half. Never would I have known that a place so far from where I grew up would feel like a second home to me. I started my college career at Sonoma State University. It was a long transition period but it brought me so many amazing friends and mentors that I hold so dear to my heart.

Many of you know about the fires in Northern California that have brought immense destruction to the area. A place I once loved is burned down to ashes. Thousands of families have lost homes that held their entire lives while so many others remain evacuated.

I write to all my readers in hopes that you will stay educated about these fires and support all the families and workers risking their lives to save others. And remember that just because our President isn’t addressing these tragedies, does not make them small. Together we can help stand with those who are facing complete loss, and continue to pray that this will be the last.

Below is a link to donate to those in need now. It is a reliable foundation that is doing good work for the areas effected by the fire.

  1. courtney

    October 13, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    hey girl loved the post! everyone is in my thoughts and prayers xo such a tragedy..

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