30 Days Abroad

I was only two months into my new retail job in Athens when I started talking about going abroad with Christina. Who is Christina? Well, at this point in time I knew very little about her. She was born in London,  her dad is German but she mostly grew up in Athens. We had similar taste in music and both loved to travel. That was really the extent of what I knew about her.

It was a slow day at work when we began talking about how much we wanted to go back to Europe and bepop around for a bit. Little did we know that exactly one year later, we actually would be stepping on a plane to head to London!

For a whole year, I planned the trip down to which step we would take on which day. I loved every second of planning this crazy adventure. One month. One travel size backpack. One carry on purse. No laptop. 5 pairs of underwear. Wow.

So, this begins my mini series on our month long trip to Prague, Santorini, Sorrento, Florence, Paris, and London. A blog a week about each destination. What we learned, what we loved, what we saw. Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy.


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