How to learn to love football

Because your boyfriend won’t shut up about it
Most of us gals are not raised with a love of football, or often any sport for that matter. When I started dating Zach, I was totally against believing that I could ever find an ounce of interest in sports, especially college football and the NFL. I could not get my head around these dudes getting way too much fame for being able to throw a ball and catch it. I often got angry about what players could get away with and what they gained for free just because they could play some sport. Our first fall together was a rough one. We could not agree on a balance, and it began to feel like football was consuming our relationship. So, this one is for all the others who cannot seem to find a common ground about sports with their partner.

  1. Choose a sport you have an interest in. For me, it was an NBA game: Hawks vs. Clippers. It was so interesting to watch the players go non stop, and I left wanting more. Once you can find a sport that catches your eye, you can begin to understand the feeling of craving more.
  2. Surround yourself at games. The more you can feel the hype of others around you, the more likely you are to become just as excited. For me, sometimes a game is less about what is happening on the field and more about how I am feeling in the crowd. Grab a couple of beers and get the full effect of the atmosphere.
  3. Dress the part. Indulge in team gear before the game! Wearing a shirt or hat that supports a team you are seeing will make you feel that much more like you belong. Also, who doesn’t love a new t-shirt?
  4. Pick a side. Once you master #1, this will be your best bet at enjoying other games. I always find myself continuing to be interested in a game if I pick a team to start with and cheer for them the whole time. This makes you invest more into the game instead of just looking away to check your phone every five minutes because you get bored.

So, if this is a relationship you see a future in, go ahead and try these. I promise it’ll make you look forward to the fall instead of dreading it.

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